Solutions Voyage at ARISE 2017!

Solutions Voyage had the amazing opportunity, for the fourth year in a row, to create a Solutions Village at ARISE Music Festival! The Village was full of inspiring and earth friendly ideas, bringing in friends from all over to showcase their own sustainable solutions! Our intention was to give people solutions to inspire them to live in harmony with the earth. We also had art installations including a plastic cup wall made from recycled trash, a giant dream loom, and earth mandalas. For “solutions” we had a clothing swap, a tiny home, build-your-own-soil, compost tea, and so much more, amongst many awesome workshops! Our village also hosted the Permaculture Hub, bringing together people to discuss, plan, and create in an eco-friendly fashion. We had team members staying at ARISE for the full week to build and take down the site, so we organized a pot luck, making sure no one in our crew went hungry or spent loads of money on festival food. We are so happy we had the chance to not only give people a great experience in the village, but to make it a way for earth lovers to connect and create systems together. We are eternally grateful for everyone who gave a helping hand, enjoyed a workshop, or just came to see what the village was all about. We can’t wait to be at ARISE 2018 this summer!

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