Solutions Voyage

"A voyage of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Laozi

Solutions Voyage at ARISE 2017!

Solutions Voyage had the amazing opportunity, for the fourth year in a row, to create a Solutions Village at ARISE Music Festival! The Village was full of inspiring and earth friendly ideas, bringing in friends from all over to showcase their own sustainable solutions! Our intention was to give people solutions to inspire them to live in harmony with the earth. We also had art installations including a plastic cup wall made from recycled trash, a giant dream loom, and earth mandalas. For “solutions” we had a clothing swap, a tiny home, build-your-own-soil, compost tea, and so much more, amongst many awesome workshops! Our village also hosted the Permaculture Hub, bringing together people to discuss, plan, and create in an eco-friendly fashion. We had team members staying at ARISE for the full week to build and take down the site, so we organized a pot luck, making sure no one in our crew went hungry or spent loads of money on festival food. We are so happy we had the chance to not only give people a great experience in the village, but to make it a way for earth lovers to connect and create systems together. We are eternally grateful for everyone who gave a helping hand, enjoyed a workshop, or just came to see what the village was all about. We can’t wait to be at ARISE 2018 this summer!

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Boredom Festival 2017!

Forward Momentum Productions (ForMo) is a Colorado production company focused on creating more positivity in the world through everything music. ForMo was a key partner in our fundraising campaign for bicycle power, and was a co-producer of Nature’s Playhouse. Every year, ForMo produces a festival in Michigan called BoredomFest, which brings boredom fighters together from the midwest area for a weekend of great beats and family vibes. In 2017, Solutions Voyage coordinated the eco team at BoredomFest, installing waste management infrastructure and sorting the recycling from the trash at the festival.

We built a four-crate system from palettes we found onsite to sort cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, and glass. All weekend during the festival we managed a small team of volunteers to collect 55 gallon trash and recycling barrels and take them back to the Eco Hub where we sorted them into the different containers. By the end of the weekend, we sorted well over 2,000 cans, alongside an entire crate of cardboard and countless plastic bottles. The site owners and groundskeepers at Elderberry Farms were very inspired by our efforts and were going to continue to use the same procedure and infrastructure for future events on the property. While different from our usual work as an organization, we had a lot of fun making the festival a little greener, and had a blast working with the incredible BoredomFest crew!



Frontrange Eco Social Solutions - Bioneers Network Event

Front Range Ecosocial Solutions is a Bioneers Network event hosted at CU Boulder every February. Produced by the CU Environmental Center, this conference brings together solutionaries from across Colorado to share experiences, information, and regenerative design strategies. On February 3rd, 2017, Kate and Eliot from Solutions Voyage helped facilitate a session at the conference entitled “Ecosocial Design from the Micro to the Macro: Creating a Perennial Economy.” Co-presented with Michael Alcazar and Braeden Miguel, the session focused on applying the patterns of nature to improving our lives, from the individual to the societal level. With particular insight from mycorrhizae, nature’s master networking organisms, we led interactive activities design to connect participants to one another and harvest the key challenges experienced by the group. We began with an eye connection exercise in small groups, a powerful and quick way to break barriers and allow for deeper conversation. Then every group answered two questions: what is an area in which you would like to see yourself grow and improve, and what is your biggest fear as you move toward strengthening that part of your life?

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Permaculture Action Day at Sister Gardens!

To celebrate Earth Day 2017 and the completion of our crowdfunding campaign for bicycle power, we helped coordinate a Permaculture Action Day at Sister Gardens in Denver. We love working with Sister Gardens, a community farm in Northwest Denver that provides food for at risk communities and through a pay-what-you-can farmstand every Saturday.

At this action day, we completed three major projects at the site: a large scale painting project, digging new garden beds, and building small raised beds. After work was completed, we enjoyed a delicious home cooked feast with flavors from Northeast Africa and Yemen. Music at the action day included our friends Dank Lloyd Wright, Felix Fast4ward, Hohle Fels Beak, Julian Herlihy, Turn Around Norman, and spoken word artists. The children’s area included painting and problem solving adventure activities with Myra Makes. After our lunch and music we had a workshop on the four “I”s of oppression with Michelle and Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish and Damien Thompson. The four “I”s refer to ideological, institutional, internalized, and interpersonal forms of oppression. We broke into groups to examine how each of these are at play in our society and what we can do as individuals to combat them.

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Interviews with KNGU!

As a part of our Spring 2017 Generosity campaign raising money for a bicycle power station, Eliot and Kate had the opportunity to be live on KGNU for three interviews about Solutions Voyage, the Permaculture Action Network, and steps we can all take to walk more gracefully on the planet.

Read Kates Interview Here!


Permaculture Action Day With Eco-Wakening

Eco-Wakening is a theatrical circus performance which tells the story of an individual’s journey from being an extraction-minded consumer to an active healer of ecological trauma. After the final show during the debut weekend on March 26th, 2017, we helped organize a Permaculture Action Day at the Boulder Circus Center. At the action day, the group of around 30 participants built four raised garden beds out of reclaimed decking, which are now planted with veggies at the circus center, allowing community members to gather with the shared intention of growing food. This action galvanized members of the center to organize further work days to plan the beds and continue to improve the outdoor infrastructure and create an oasis of life where center members can enjoy the garden. We will return to the Boulder Circus Center in October 2017 for another action day when the next series of Eco-Wakening performances occur!


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Break Free from Fossil Fuels

On May 14th 2016, protesters, community members, and solutionaries converged in Thornton, CO, to call for an end to fracking developments that threaten local neighborhoods and schools while accelerating climate change. We were joined by renowned environmentalist, author, and journalist Bill McKibben and Jonny 5 of the band Flobots.


Bill McKibben shared stories he has acquired while traveling the world participating in direct action against environmentally destructive practices. Shortly afterward, Jonny 5 led us in a group activity in which we explored the use of song and chant as a means to powerfully and gracefully confront the challenges of our day.


The protest was part of the global platform to Break Free from fossil fuels, a coordination of independently­ organized actions in over two dozen countries across six continents to keep fossil fuels in the ground and promote clean renewable energy.

This protest was the second of two in Colorado that are part of the Break Free platform. On May 12, there was an action in Lakewood, CO protesting the Bureau of Land Management auction of public lands for fossil fuel extraction. These mounting actions illustrate the urgency felt by mountain strong Coloradans about the extensive and sickening damage brought by fossil fuel extraction and climate change, and their readiness to participate in nonviolent civil disobedience to protect their homes and families. Passions were intensified after the May 2 Colorado Supreme Court ruling that communities in Colorado do not have the right to regulate fracking at a municipal level.


Unfucking the World: EarthFest 2016

CU Boulder is known to many Boulder residents as the stomping ground of irresponsible, rude, and ruckus-making kids. On Earth Day 2016, we demonstrated that a different narrative is possible. Some said that it couldn’t be done, that there were too many moving pieces and that it would be difficult to engage the right people. We proved them wrong.

EarthFest was an ecosocial music festival held on the terrace of the University Memorial Center. With support from the CU Environmental Center, the Cultural Events Board, and the City of Boulder, Solutions Voyage worked with the CU Biomimicry Club to bring 7 musical acts, over 20 community organizations, collaborative murals, a permaculture-inspired panel on relationship building, a student skit on menstruation, a poetry workshop and more to the CU campus.

Full gallery available on Facebook (Fabian Productions).