The Future is Hemp: Time Spent at Winona LaDuke's Hemp and Heritage Farm

We had the pleasure and honor of spending time in central Minnesota at the Hemp and Research Farms being spearheaded by Winona LaDuke and the Anishinaabe community this past week. The vision for this farm is "To create an Indigenous women-led regenerative economy that is kind to the Earth." Through the growing of different hemp varieties, the community can take back their ability to provide hemp based paper, clothing and food products. This mission is amplified by the need to find alternative ways to farm - no more monocultures, GMO's, or pesticides. At the hemp farm, we were delighted to find out that the fields were planted entirely by volunteers who believed in this mission. They are hoping to obtain a building for the processing of the crops soon, so they can begin to bring some things to market and further develop this regenerative economy. 

Beyond the hemp farm itself, the community has a research farm with hemp, a large variety of vegetables, horses, a goat, a market, tiny home, and yurt. It was a beautiful working farm with small scale systems we could help out with daily. Beyond our favorite activity of milking the goat, Neizje, we also helped set up a tipi with our new friends pictured below, process some of the harvest (apples, chokecherries), maintain planting space, feed the horses, and other daily chores. We were so grateful to stay and happy to give a hand on the farm for the week. We will be helping to organize a volunteer team for Winona, to help harvest the hemp crop! More info for that will be given soon so stay tuned! 

Thank you to the whole community for this valuable experience! And thanks to our wonderful photographer Sam Sanders for the pictures! instagram: @sm_edia



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