Permaculture Action Day With Eco-Wakening

Eco-Wakening is a theatrical circus performance which tells the story of an individual’s journey from being an extraction-minded consumer to an active healer of ecological trauma. After the final show during the debut weekend on March 26th, 2017, we helped organize a Permaculture Action Day at the Boulder Circus Center. At the action day, the group of around 30 participants built four raised garden beds out of reclaimed decking, which are now planted with veggies at the circus center, allowing community members to gather with the shared intention of growing food. This action galvanized members of the center to organize further work days to plan the beds and continue to improve the outdoor infrastructure and create an oasis of life where center members can enjoy the garden. We will return to the Boulder Circus Center in October 2017 for another action day when the next series of Eco-Wakening performances occur!


ecowakening picture.jpg