Boredom Festival 2017!

Forward Momentum Productions (ForMo) is a Colorado production company focused on creating more positivity in the world through everything music. ForMo was a key partner in our fundraising campaign for bicycle power, and was a co-producer of Nature’s Playhouse. Every year, ForMo produces a festival in Michigan called BoredomFest, which brings boredom fighters together from the midwest area for a weekend of great beats and family vibes. In 2017, Solutions Voyage coordinated the eco team at BoredomFest, installing waste management infrastructure and sorting the recycling from the trash at the festival.

We built a four-crate system from palettes we found onsite to sort cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, and glass. All weekend during the festival we managed a small team of volunteers to collect 55 gallon trash and recycling barrels and take them back to the Eco Hub where we sorted them into the different containers. By the end of the weekend, we sorted well over 2,000 cans, alongside an entire crate of cardboard and countless plastic bottles. The site owners and groundskeepers at Elderberry Farms were very inspired by our efforts and were going to continue to use the same procedure and infrastructure for future events on the property. While different from our usual work as an organization, we had a lot of fun making the festival a little greener, and had a blast working with the incredible BoredomFest crew!